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How do I Join the Knights of Columbus

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Why Join the Knights of Columbus?

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Q: Who can join the Knights of Columbus?

     To qualify for membership in the Knights of Columbus you must:
          1. Be a catholic man at least 18 years old on the date of your initiation.
           2.Be a practical Catholic in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.
          3. Have no record of a felony conviction.

If you qualify and want to inquire further with no obligation to join, call (317) 898-2370
or send an email to and put "Membership" in the subject line.

Q:   Why would I want to join the Knights of Columbus?

    1.As a member of the Knights of Colujmbus you will meet other Catholic men who share
    your commitment to our Catholic Faith with a desire to promote Christ and His  Church
    and who also like to share good times and activities.
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        and fathers of young families at a time when life insurance is most needed.

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